How to Trade an Ascending Triangle Chart Pattern

An ascending triangle is a chart pattern that can be used to determine how high a stock will go upon a successful break out of the triangle. It is usually formed after a stock has experienced a substantial price increase. The stock price trades sideways for a period of time to consolidate the recent gains, and this typically takes the form of a triangle. If traded properly, this can be a very profitable set up for a trader.

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1) Attempt to identify the ascending triangle pattern as early as possible. The triangle is characterized by a high price that consistently acts as resistance followed by a series of higher lows. On the accompanying chart of PHOT, the $.40 level acts as resistance to form the upper bound of the triangle while higher lows form the other rising trend line.

2) Calculate the target price level of the triangle pattern. This is somewhat subjective, but to be on the safe side only use the real candlestick bodies to determine the target price. Determine the height of the triangle by subtracting the lowest low of the triangle from the upper bound. On the accompanying chart, the breakout would increase the stock price by $.08. This is found by subtracting $.32 from $.40. The height of the triangle is then added to the upper bound to determine the target price level. On the chart, the target price level would be $.48 which is found by adding $.08 to $.40.

3) Wait patiently for the stock price to trade higher than the horizontal upper bound of the triangle. This is typically accompanied with heavier volume than what was seen during the formation of the triangle. Upon a successful breakout, place a buy order just above the breakout level. Prices tend to move quickly on a successful breakout so it is key to be ready to execute the trade.

4) Enter a stop loss in case of a false breakout. Protecting capital is first and foremost and a stop loss should always be entered. Place a stop just below the horizontal upper bound of the triangle. In this case, a stop at the $.39 level would protect against bigger losses and also confirm that the breakout was unsuccessful.

5) Enter a limit order to sell the trade at the target price level. In this case, a limit order would be entered at the $.48 level. Momentum may cause the stock price to continue higher, but it is best to stick to the original plan and sell at the predetermined target price level.

Follow these 5 steps every time without exception to successfully trade an ascending triangle pattern. It sounds so simple and can be as long as these steps are followed each and every time. In this case, a trader could have made a nearly 20% gain while risking 2.5% – 5% if the pattern failed and the stop loss was triggered.

Jim Sinclair: Russia is one move away from collapsing U.S. economy

On March 17, commodities adviser Jim Sinclair spoke in an interview with Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog on gold, the markets, and ongoing events taking place between the U.S. and Russia over Ukraine. During the 30 minute interview, Sinclair laid out a chilling scenario where Russia has positioned themselves to be one move away from collapsing the U.S. economy, and that one wrong move by President Obama could set the entire scenario in motion.

Jim Sinclair: To sanction Russia is to forget that Russia supplies Europe with its gas supplies. I honestly believe sanctioning Russia is the same as shooting yourself in the foot.

Greg Hunter: So Russia could not only say hey, we want gold for our payment (oil), but they could say, hey… we want you to pay us in rubles.

JS: Or pay us in anything. Also, it makes energy cheaper. Why would anyone want to pay in dollars if they can pay in their own currency?

GH: Once Russia started doing that, would there be any coming back from it? (For the dollar) Wouldn’t that be the beginning of the end for the Petro-Dollar?

JS: Russia has the capacity, the inclination of course, to do just one single thing… accept payment for energy in any currency you wish to give. – USA Watchdog
Since the U.S. tied the dollar to oil, the future of America’s monetary system and economy was reliant upon all global oil producers following the Petro-Dollar agreement, which from 1974 to the present has been backed by our economic and military power. But as Russia rose from the ashes of the former Soviet Union, and grew into becoming the world’s largest oil producing nation, the U.S. could no longer enforce the Petro-Dollar through economic and military threats since Russia is their equal when you consider their alliances with China and other BRICs nations.

It is said that stock markets are forward thinking and project what will happen six months into the future. And if you look at what has taken place for the dollar since Ukraine’s uprising started and Russia moved into the Crimea, the dollar itself by falling below 80 on the dollar index, is telling the world that it not only recognizes the potential of becoming irrelevant should Russia bypass the SWIFT system and begin selling oil in any other currency or asset class, but that the U.S. could potentially trigger its own demise by imposing sanctions using the SWIFT system as a weapon, and force Russia to enact their nuclear economic option.

In a global environment where perceptions are reversed, and the United States is now being seen by the world as the ‘Evil Empire’, Russia is using America’s own Petro-Dollar system against them to grow in power and bring the U.S. to the brink of economic collapse. And whether it is Russia or the U.S. itself that pulls the trigger, the future is inevitably rushing towards an end of dollar hegemony. The only question that remains is whether the U.S. has another plan ready to fill the gap, just as they did when they left the gold standard and replaced it with the oil standard forty plus years ago.

Lehigh University students get new housing service

Lehigh University is partnering with, a service that specializes in dealing with all aspects of off-campus student housing. The service includes many features that can be used by both the students and their potential landlords.

The university desired to have an off-campus housing solution for students that would link them with property owners and managers, while maintaining an organized database of properties available for listing. replaces the university’s previous housing service and features a website that gives both the students, landlords, and property managers 24-7 access. The property managers can post pictures, maps, and links to their offerings. While students can perform rental searches, post sublet info, and view roommate profile listings.

In addition, students can filter searches based on personal preferences and price range, seek the newest rentals available, and also search for roommates or post a listing looking for one..

Pirates not welcomed in Sonoma?

I hate to continue to harp on this, and I certainly do not want to seem like a parrot repeating the same old words, but it never ceases to amaze me how crazy government acts when it comes to restaurants and those who invest countless hours of money, time, sweat and passion into a community.

Fact – Food and government do not go hand in hand. I thought former Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg was a tremendous businessman and Mayor. But banning Big Gulp? Taking on Coca-Cola, all in the shadows of helping people become healthy is a bit of an infringement in that constitutional right, choice.

Let me explain.

Having followed municipal government is my newspaper career, and having dealt with those who sit in those hallowed city halls during my restaurant career, I can attest the combination is definitely based on love-hate, oil-water, good-guy-bad-guy. Full disclosure- I think anyone who throws their hat into the political ring deserves a medal and a mental examination.

Now before the feathers begin to fly, I must state I do not dislike elected officials. I dislike what happens to many of them once they step behind the inaugural curtain, drink the Kool-Aid and change their colors once the oath of office is taken.

For unexplained reasons, health departments, planning commissions, building inspectors and even citizens with an ax to wield look at restaurants as fair game for citations, warning letters and unsuspecting visits at inopportune times to inflict the power of the people.

Take the recent controversy over Burgers and Vine in Sonoma, California. After a historic building was renovated, remodeled, retro-fitted and reopened after being on the rental market off and on for seven years, were the new owners awarded a key to the city? No.

The owners were cited because someone complained the Pirate’s Flag – flying high – two feet – above the building, was not representative of what Sonoma stands for. We wouldn’t want anyone to think a group of Pirates, currently big in Somalia, had taken over the historic creamery.

Has the world gone mad? A controversy in wine country about a Pirates Flag, really.

Last week the ice cream parlor in Sonoma came under scrutiny because the door was too pink. Tell Pink that. She’d love it.

This week it’s the Pirates Flag? Where’s Clint Eastwood when we need him. Or Johnny Depp?

Once, in Deephaven, Minnesota, I had a visit from the Mayor at the time, because someone complained my business, The Cottagewood General Store, did not carry French’s Mustard. To the chagrin of my wife and partner, Karen, I ordered a five year supply of French’s Mustard – 15 cases – and did a pyramid stack in the window, explaining the reasoning behind the display. The complaining individual asked if I could take the display down as he was getting heat from the neighbors who supported the store. I accommodated, gladly.

Few complaints after that.

Now, I am not suggesting that Burgers and Vine’s owner’s ignore the municipal mandate and leave their flag up. Hell no. Take that down.

If the government doesn’t want anyone to eat their burgers or drink their brews under a Pirate’s Flag, I completely understand. Well, not really, but I have a solution.

I think in light of the Pirate’s Flag and in celebration of there being light in the corner again, everyone should wear a Pirate’s Eye Patch into Burgers and Vine to support the new owners.

Please leave the parrots outside. We wouldn’t want the health department to get annoyed.

Denominators relevant to establishing domain and brand value

Without actually designing products myself, I’ve long come to a mutual conclusion that products and I don’t quite agree on clear definitions of ‘value’. Same goes with vehicles, services that I’m foreign to and even prostitution (although I’ve not personally attempted valuation of the latter). One area where I’ve become quite masterful is domain value in relation to branding, the never-ending perpetual cyber façade which pits 30 definitions of domain brevity against each other. Whereas I wouldn’t personally pay $3M for some domain name I’ll only use for several decades, others have. And continually will.

When learning how to brand your business, one question that endlessly fazes my daily activities: what denominators are actually relevant in establishing something as widely misunderstood as domain valuation and brand worthiness? Let’s dissect:

How Badly Do You Want It?

Much like lining up outside some powerful drug dealer’s home waiting for crack, sellers know that buyers will eventually line up, begging for their domain property for reasons unbeknownst to them: perhaps all the seller knows is the buyer wants it. And are willing to pay dearly just to own it – even for just months. Hands down, without even starting the clock, this perhaps defines domain value better than any metrics conceivable. We call this, in sales nomenclature, ‘bring your own Vaseline’ since someone is about to get reamed without the benefit of lubrication in this seller-friendly situation.

Buyers automatically increase premium domain name’s worthiness tenfold simply by specifying their unwavering devotion towards purchasing said name. Properties sitting inside idle parking accounts that, for all intents and purposes, have ‘high net worth’ to owners are simply expensive pixels to viewers since ownership necessitation has never been clearly specified by anyone. For example, those who are branding in the print industry may wish to find Vista Print Coupons for the benefit of branding their own business merch.

How ‘Trendy’ Is The Name?

Arm & Hammer isn’t pretty. It barely smells good, if at all, to boot. However, it was the hottest thing since Prohibition whiskey when it first came out. Today, social media, Edward Snowden and scores of oddities I cannot keep up with rule mainstream media and fill online shopping carts. Popularity, your second most important telltale sign of developmental potential, rules the domain value world with unruly power. Sellers usually capitalize on what’s growing, going and blowing with the commerce winds to make hefty profits off your thirst for quick results.

Should your name have old school appeal which attracts youthful and adult audiences equally, expect your value to increase since many older topics tend to hold long-term mainstream popularity, too.

How Easily Could I Establish Awareness?

Orkut isn’t what you’d call ‘cute or funny. However, it does sound interesting when slurring it after drinking twenty beers – and the name found its way through search engines rather quickly. Of course, Linked In sounds more indicative to services it provides; so what’s our point? Getting great adult videos from is more indicative of someone that likes sensuality, thereby meriting a different kind of crowd.

The third value hiker in domain and brand valuation is relative to how quickly, easily and profitably one can develop said business – with or without domain attached – without spending hefty marketing dollars; by rule, you could easily dump $.15 cents off each dollar for marketing preparation and campaign launching difficulty. One could clearly restore that loss if premium names containing single words, household phrases or anything else brand-worthy is being sold if the previous two environments are favorable.


Domain sellers have long established valuation based off what other names sold for, strange analytical data configurations and whatever else is deemed appropriate. Personally, whether it’s’s or premium keyword loaded names means little if nobody wants it – yet when they do, expect something else to take control of the buyer’s final decision and, inevitably, drive prices to a more mutually respectable level.

Aggression against the Ukraine means no Russian vodka at Bob’s Package Store

Bob Gilbertson, owner of Bob’s Package Store, recently made news across all of Tennessee when he pulled all Russian vodka from the shelves of his West Knoxville alcoholic beverage store. Bob is troubled by the recent Russian aggression in the Ukraine.
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Bob is not Ukrainian and there is not a huge population of Ukrainians in Knoxville. This was more a point of honor for the mild mannered Bob. To show that he is serious, Bob has a sign outside the store announcing the boycott and one inside the store that features a photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin, shirtless and riding a horse, above it.

When asked if there had been any reaction to the boycott, Bob stated that there are some die hard Stolichnaya Russian Vodka fans.

Knoxvillians need not despair of the Ukrainian crisis depriving them of vodka. Bob’s carries Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Deep Eddy Vodka, both of which are United States brands. According to the distributor, Bob’s sells more Deep Eddy Vodka than any other store in Tennessee.

Of course, Bob’s also carries vodka brands from the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and France. In solidarity with the Ukraine, West Knoxville will make do with fine brands of vodka.

Can you use percentages to help gauge finances?

Do you know what percentage of your net income your debt and living expenses should fall under? Most people do not. Financial experts recommend that you find out. Are your budget categories worked out according to the percentages? Setting amounts higher than what is recommended will place a toll on those unplanned or emergency expenses. With these costs an involuntary variable, how much control will you have in the end?

Budgets need to balance. If you have one category too high and another one lower then it will all work out. Too many heavy sided categories will deflate any attempts to manage money.

There is no exact science behind these percentages. The numbers will vary depending on what part of the county you live. It is best to use them as a guide according to your financial situation.

Housing expenses – A mortgage should not consume more than 25% of the monthly household income. Another 10% of the income will be eaten by insurances, property tax, maintenance and repairs. Pay attention to the added expense when purchasing a new home. Make sure you can afford the neighborhood.

Consumer debt – 10% of the household income should contain credit card debt, student loans and medical debt. This is a crucial piece of the budget. Most often, it is this piece of the budget that creates the most trouble. Have you ever added your total credit card debt? Have you taken every necessary step to make student loans more affordable? Government loans offer many relief opportunities, especially those with income-based payments. Any consumers using payday loan help to support a budget is too often a result of this category being off the percentage target.

Utilities – This category should fall under 15% of your monthly net income. Electricity, gas, water, oil and trash disposal should all fit; even on the most expensive months.

Transportation – This 15% includes vehicle payments, insurances, gas, parts and repairs. It also includes any rental or public transportation needs.

Savings – 10%…just do it!

The remaining 25% will go to everything else. It includes your food and clothing, medical co-pays, health insurance and prescriptions. Entertainment, gifts, school supplies and children’s activities will fall into this group. This percentage seems big until you try to fit it all in, including everything unmentioned. When credit cards are used to balance out this category, it tilts its own category. You have to keep it balanced so you don’t go into default, charged late or overdraft fees, or fall into the path of payday loan help.

Use these numbers as your guide. It is important to figure in all costs so there is no room for error. Take the time to plan for larger purchases rather than charging and paying more in the end.

Markets react positively to Crimean vote, but uncertainty remains

Markets around the world held their breath Sunday waiting to see how a Moscow-back referendum would turn out for the people of Ukraine and the future of the Crimean Peninsula. The result; Crimean citizens voted at an overwhelming 97% to once again become part of the Russian Federation and succeed from the independent Ukrainian state.

The landslide vote was taken as a positive sign Monday, as the majority of the nine world markets ended trading on the plus side. Investors may see this as a temporary sign of stability that the region may not break out into civil war.

Ever since November there have been protest from Ukraine’s citizens and their reluctance to turn to Russia for economic aid. Like many countries today the Ukrainian economy is suffering and the government needs approximately $36 billion bailout. Protests began when the government hinted at turning to the Russian Federation instead of the European Union for the money.

Ukraine is separated culturally by the east and west. As reflected in this recent vote, the majority of Crimean’s recognize themselves as Russian. Most of the population west of the Crimean Peninsula recognized themselves as Ukrainian and want to integrate themselves with the west. Specifically when it comes to financial dealings, Ukraine’s do not want to be under the thumb of Moscow, and would rather deal with the E.U. when borrowing money.

As the protests in the capital of Kiev were turning increasingly more violent, the threat of civil war was becoming more of a reality. Due to their geographic location and the role that energy transportation has in the region, the worlds markets were becoming more and more weary of making bold investments.

Now the concern turns to issues concerning the west’s reaction and the steps that will be taken. The main one is how Russia will react to sanctions being imposed by the Obama Administration. These sanctions involve cutting off credit of prominent Russian officials both in the government and private businessmen.

One consequence of these sanctions may highlight how the oligarchy that exists in Russia can/or cannot withstand these measures.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has embraced capitalism with the same iron fist that fueled communism. The result is a group of prominent businessmen with close ties to Moscow. One of the main upper hands the U.S. still has is their control on the world banking system. If they choose so they can freeze assets of many of the billionaires that make up the oligarchy that runs Russia. This could give the U.S. and upper hand because none of these billionaires are politically tied to the Russian government, they may have as many assets outside of the country as they do within it. Without any political obligation to adhere to, the U.S. can force descent by anyone of these Russian Oligarchs and weaken the political strong hold that Russia has obtained with this vote.

Pros and cons of the eBay Global Shipping Program

The eBay Global Shipping Program (GSP) is a program sellers can opt into for shipping items internationally. Launched in late 2012, the Global Shipping Program was designed to simplify shipping to approved international countries. Sellers package the item, send to a US shipping hub,and eBay takes responsibility for the item and sends it on to its final destination. Some sellers love it, others have tried it and don’t care for it, and others will never try it because they have been shipping items internationally for many years without eBay’s involvement. A common discussion on seller forums and eBay Facebook groups, is whether to use the GSP or not.

Advantages of the eBay Global Shipping Program:

eBay takes responsibility for the item

eBay handles returns

Easier for the seller – no need to purchase insurance, figure out which countries should be avoided, or worry about lost packages

Disadvantages of eBay Global Shipping Program:

Higher prices for buyer

eBay may open and inspect the item – may not package it back correctly, items could go missing if it has multiple pieces

Only ships to certain countries – lost sales opportunities

Slower shipping time

International customers have remarked that they frequently do not buy items where the seller uses GSP because the shipping costs can be up to three times higher than to buy the same item from sellers who do not offer GSP and ship the items on their own. eBay also estimates and includes custom fees in the cost of GSP, and many times the customs fees are not even needed.

Newer sellers seem to embrace the GSP more often because they don’t have to do anything differently than shipping a domestic package. Veteran sellers have a hard time seeing the value of the GSP since shipping internationally is really very simple, and they don’t like the possibility of losing sales due to higher shipping fees.

Vegan “Shamrock Shake”

Those who are lactose intolerant or vegan have not been able to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a “Shamrock Shake” for McDonald’s, but that will soon change as has published a recipe for the vegan version of the popular shake.

This recipe yields two servings and is almost like the real thing.

Gather these ingredients:

Green Food Coloring (preferably plant based instead of chemical)
2 Cups of vanilla flavored coconut milk ice cream (or really any dairy free ice cream really)
1.5 Cups vanilla flavored almond milk (rice milk will do)
.25 Teaspoon pure mint extract (you can play around with the amount until the flavor is good for you)

Then, blend these ingredients in a blender or food processor.

For a garnish you can also add:
A dollop of dairy free topping or coconut whipped cream
Green sprinkles
A maraschino cherry

For best flavor, you should drink this immediately, so it doesn’t melt.